Frontier Services Group Core Business

FSG understands what it takes to succeed in frontier markets. Our solutions are based on first -hand experience operating in the most austere environments.  Integrating security, logistics,insurance and infrastructure into customized solutions, we help our clients overcome complex challenges to realize greater opportunity.


Mitigate risks and threats from all aspects to ensure the success and safety of a project, its personnel and assets.


Secure and efficient movement of personnel and cargo to all destinations, in all environments and meet all requirements.


Protect clients from every eventuality, minimize impact and enable projects.


Provide key infrastructure access or construction environment for international investors.


Frontier Services Group (FSG) provides world class security solutions to the highest international standards, compliant with all local laws and regulations to our clients operating around the world.  FSG’s security solutions identify and mitigates risks as part of the FSG holistic service approach enabling its clients to operate securely and efficiently in challenging and hostile environments. With a global network of partnerships and a multinational, multilingual team, FSG is your trusted security partner no matter the location.


No matter what the requirements, Frontier Services Group (FSG) ensures the secure and efficient movement of people and cargo to all destinations across the globe. Working in partnership with its clients, FSG provides end to end logistics solutions across air, ground and sea transportation even in the most demanding of environments.


Frontier markets require different innovative insurance solutions. FSG’s global insurance solutions protect our clients from every eventuality, minimize impact and enable projects. FSG will partner with leading insurance firms in the market to bring clients customized insurance solutions. As a leading security services and logistics company, FSG is uniquely positioned to adapt to the reactive approach of firms operating in complex environments with comprehensive insurance products that proactively help clients manage and mitigate risks.


Leveraging relationships with governments around the globe, FSG secures large-scale infrastructure and resource projects, combining finance, construction and project management to realize projects critical to the host nation’s development, providing key infrastructure access or construction environment for international investors.


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