FSG Provides Security Services for SICOMINES Project in DRC


        Frontier Services Group (‘FSG’) Congo and SICOMINES SARL (‘SICOMINES’) reached agreement in October 2020 to launch a security project on 1st November 2020. FSG will provide comprehensive security services to SICOMINES including security officers, special tasks team, patroling canines and patroling vehicles, etc.

       The SICOMINES project is one of the largest mining projects under cooperation betweeen Chinese enterprises and enterprises of DRC. As China’s largest non-energy mining project in Africa, it has been regarded as a model of Sino-DRC collaboration.

       The FSG Congo security team is comprised of professionals with international certifications and abundant overseas working experience. It is currently providing security services to another large China-funded mining enterprise in DRC and receives high acclaim from the client, which is key to SICOMINES's choice of FSG.

        This cooperation with SICOMINES serves as another testimony that FSG’s comprehensive services have been recognized by local government and international investors. Moreover, FSG’s teams of insurance, logistics, aeromedevac and other business sectors have been sticking to their posts during the COVID-19 epidemic and supporting the projects of local enterprises and international investors with reliable comprehensive services all the time.

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