Program Support Services

The FSG Office of Safety and Security (SAFSEC) identifies and mitigates risk for our client’s programs.

● Personal Security Awareness Training
● Vulnerability and Threat Assessments
● Advance Site Surveys
● Develop integrated security plans
● Risk mitigation
● Information Analysis

● Integrated Security and Logistical support
● Global Operation Centers
● Global Command Information Center (CIC)
● Integrated Risk, Vulnerability and Threat Assessments
● Close Protection Programs
● Technical Security Solutions

● Assist clients with after crisis
   and incident investigations
● Develop training from after action findings
● Mobile Training Teams
● Onsite training updates

● Rapid Response Support Teams
● Emergency Action Assistance      
● Casualty Assistance Control Officer

Static Security  

As part of the total security plan and program design, FSG provides force protection and static security solutions.


Based on the client’s project location, SAFSEC identifies and manages the correct combination of local and FSG international specialists to provide static security services. This includes:
◇  Development and implementation of comprehensive security plans
◇  Site environmental design
◇  Guard services 
◇  Technical security:
       Closed Circuit Television
       Access Control
       Personnel monitoring and tracking
◇  Specialist services for critical infrastructure protection
◇  Canine services

Mobile Security  

Our integrated mobile security teams ensure that personnel and assets get to work safely.


Planning and safe movement of personnel:
◇  Close protection in permissive environments
◇  High-Risk Protection (PSD)
◇  Security drivers program

Convoy protection
◇  High value cargo tracking and movement
◇  Vehicle and asset tracking and monitoring

Comprehensive Operational Capacity  


Our Global Command Information Center (CIC) and Regional Operations Centers (ROC) engage with clients to develop a mitigation scheme before the activation of their programs.
Global Informational Network is used to identify and analyze threats.
FSG’s network of operational centers provide:
◇  Communications for remote sites
◇  Monitoring of personnel and assets
◇  Crisis Management:
       Emergency Action Assistance
       Rapid Response Support Teams
       Medical response
       Family assistance control officer