Global Medicare Quickly Acts to Support Fight Against Covid-19 in Hong Kong


Starting from the Chinese New Year of 2022, the fifth wave of Covid-19 in Hong Kong has been menacing and the number of confirmed cases has been hitting new heights. The development of the epidemic in Hong Kong touches everyone's nerves. At the critical moment of citywide fight against Covid-19, As a subsidiary of CITIC Group in Hong Kong, Frontier Services Group quickly formulated an action plan, gave full play to the advantages of its subsidiaries in capabilities and resources as a professional medical institution, raced against time, and devoted itself in practical actions to fight against the epidemic across the city, showing its responsibility for the society.

With the rapid spread of the epidemic, one of the foundations for maintaining social stability in Hong Kong is to ensure the daily operations of enterprises and institutions. In response to the urgent needs from enterprises, Global Medicare Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of FSG, has all its employees organized to coordinate with strategic partners and quickly dispatch the Covid-19 antigen self-test kits to various enterprises in Hong Kong. This not only greatly eases the tight supply of personal self-test kits and saves procurement costs for companies, but also solves the urgent need for business daily operations, allowing employees to work with peace of mind and ensuring the health and safety of employees.

At the same time, with the strong support from the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association (HKCEA), Global Medical and Health Co., Ltd. opened an exclusive service hotline for thousands of members of the Association in Hong Kong, providing them with services and guarantees for centralized procurement of anti-epidemic materials. Global Medicare also quickly launched a new anti-Covid first-aid kit product, which includes self-test kits for Covid-19 antigens and over-the-counter medicines, to help corporate employees who are unfortunately infected to take appropriate self-rehabilitation measures to relieve the condition before home isolation and hospitalization. Such efforts of Global Medicare have won the support and positive response of the vast number of Chinese-funded enterprises.

Moreover, in order to further strengthen its own medical service capabilities during the epidemic, Global Medicare plans to open its own online telemedicine service platform, increase the number of online doctors on duty, and provide real-time telemedical consulting services for Chinese-funded enterprise employees and their families. Under the increasingly serious external environment, employees and their families can consult with doctors in real time without going out, solve daily medical problems, and take care for life and health.

Frontier Services Group, the ultimate parent company of Global Medicare, is a Hong Kong-listed company with CITIC Group as the largest shareholder. Focused on corporate international security services, FSG is committed to provide comprehensive enterprise services including specialized logistics and supply chain management, smart medical and insurance services, and aviation emergency rescue services. So far, FSG has set up more than 20 branches in countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”, and holds legal security licenses in more than 10 countries and regions, providing international construction and investment projects with high-standard professional services of personnel security service and asset security service. FSG has become an important private force in the protection of overseas Chinese and a leading enterprise in the industry.

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