Frontier Services Group Leadership

The FSG team is composed of respected professionals across a variety of disciplines including security, logistics, aviation, finance and program management. Its personnel are experts in their fields and experienced in high-risk and under-developed markets.

Dongyi Hua
Acting CEO
Jason Chan
Company Secretary
Charles Thompson
Head of Finance, CFO
J. David Whittingham
Head of Business Development & Investor Relations
Ric Peregrino
Head of Security
Lawrence Zhao
CEO of FSG China
Michael O’Brien
Head of Aviation
Erik Prince
Executive Chairman
Luo Ning
Deputy Chairman
Ko Chun Shun, Johnson
Deputy Chairman
Dongyi Hua
Acting CEO
David Hu
Chairman, FSG China
Dr. Harold Olusegun Demuren

Professor Lee Hau Leung

Henry Yap Fat Suan