Ingrained in the Fabric of Africa

FSG believes that Corporate Social Responsibility is a vital part of our business every day. From mapping our carbon footprint to being active participants in the communities where we do business, FSG as a company – and our employees as individuals – strive to make a positive social impact.

FSG supports Carolina For Kibera’s child outreach program (image above) through funding, as well as participating in, educational field trips. The field trips are focused on teaching children the importance of the environment and the impact of failed environmental efforts. Children learn about clean water, the impact of deforestation, and the importance of preserving Kenya's wildlife.

“We take great pride knowing that our team has assisted the growth and sustainability of communities across continental Africa.”

The clinic provides essential prenatal care to expecting mothers in one of the most economically challenged urban environments in Africa. FSG's gift of ultrasound equipment will allow new mothers to track the development of their child, better manage expectations for delivery dates and improve chances of managing any potential health problems before they become greater risks to baby and mother. FSG teamed up with Carolina for Kibera, a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of Kenyans living in Kibera, to make this important donation.